Dr. JoNataye Prather

Dr. JoNataye, affectionately known as Coach Dr. Jaye, is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. With over two decades of rich experience in higher education, non-profit, and recently coaching within the corporate sector, she embodies a story of resilience and dedication. Her journey, marked by overcoming significant early life hurdles, culminated in earning a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

Dr. Jaye's professional path is diverse and impactful. She has served as a school social worker, where she tackled the non-academic barriers students face, ensuring their holistic development. Also, she empowered educators, counselors, and parents with solution-oriented training, consultation services, and evidence-based research. 


Her impact as an educator is profound, having taught and inspired thousands of students, supporting them in their academic and career journeys. Dr. JoNataye has held significant roles as a social work professor and administrator at Ohio Dominican University, Tarleton State University, Union Institute, and University and has contributed to the academic sphere at Walden University and The Ohio State University. Her extensive teaching portfolio covers undergraduate, Master's, and Doctorate courses.


Her passion lies in empowering students from all walks of life and disciplines. Dr. Jaye is not just an educator but a guide who helps learners navigate academic and personal challenges. She ensures they are well-prepared for the rigors of college and the complexities of the professional world. 


Dr. Jaye's commitment also extends to parents and education systems, providing them with the tools and insights needed to effectively support their children and students. Her approach is not just about academic excellence but fostering a sense of self-belief and capability in every individual she mentors.


In her current mission, Dr. Jaye is passionately committed to influencing and providing an array of resources to students, helping them navigate college hurdles to achieve their degree, career, and life dreams. She is the author of "Don't Even Think About Getting Your Ph.D.: Without Reading This Book First" and conducted the research for the book The Best College Student Survival Guide Ever Written. 

In summary, Coach Dr. Jaye is a dedicated professional and a compassionate mentor. Whether it's high school students exploring future possibilities, college undergraduates seeking direction, or graduate students aiming for higher achievements, Dr. JoNataye is there to light the way. Her work reflects a deep commitment to unlocking each student's potential guiding them towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Real people. real results.

What others say about Dr. Jaye

"Coach Dr. Jaye has been an incredible resource and inspiration for me as I continue throughout my academic journey...Not only has she been a reliable and trustworthy professional resource, she has also been one of my greatest advocates on my journey."

Janai J.

~ Graduate Student

"Dr. JoNataye took the fear out of going back to school for my Master's degree. She provided capstone coaching, and I can proudly say I'm the first in my family to achieve a

Master's Degree!"

Matthew W.

~ Graduate Student

"Coach Dr. Jaye has helped me change my life both professionally and personally.. she helped me identify my strengths and assisted me in transforming into the best version of myself. She really has your best interests at heart and does a great job of gently pushing you towards your goals"

Mary P.

~ Coaching Client

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