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Don't Even Think About Getting Your PhD Without Reading This Book First

dr jonataye Prather

  • Unlock the secrets to confidently pursue your PhD dreams.

  • Dive into a treasure trove of wisdom and insights from a College Professor

  • Say goodbye to doubt and hesitation; embrace clarity and purpose.

  • Embark on your academic journey fully informed and inspired.

Today Just



"Exactly what I needed!"

This book gave me exactly what I needed to make my decision ~ guidance and direction.

Real people. real results.

What others say about Dr. Jaye

"Thank you for blessing our students with your wisdom and love!"

Dr. Stephanie H.

~ Professor & Director

"Throughout my entire professional career, I consistently looked for a mentor that could provide inspirational guidance to assist me in reaching my educational and professional goals. There are indeed no words that could adequately describe how much of an impact that Dr. Jaye has had on my life in a short amount of time".

Heather P.

~ Graduate student

"Along my graduate school journey, Dr. JoNataye has served as a sounding board and resource for me"

Adam D.

~ Graduate student

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